Resource Consents

If you are having difficulty obtaining a coastal Resource Consent you need to talk to us.


Generally it’s more difficult to get Consent for Coastal protection than land based engineering. It should be!


With nearly 20 years specialising in coastal solutions, Davis Coastal can avoid most of the issues more general practitioners struggle with. We understand the requirements for the Coastal Consent process.


Recent projects without a Resource Consent hearing or any objectors include:


• 1.2km of seawall

• 250m private boardwalk


Davis Coastal can provide both the engineering and planning (Consent) to integrate the solution.


If you have struggled to make progress with a Coastal Consent call us. You wouldn’t have your GP doing brain surgery. Use the right specialist.


Building Consents
Coastal Management Plans

Coastal Processes Statement

Assessment of Environmental Effects


Community Involvement

Construction Observation/Monitoring

Structural Assessment

Project Management


Cliff Erosion Control

Where the sea meets cliff face, erosion will occur - relentlessly and continually.


Cliffs in the Auckland Area have been formed by erosion over the last 7000 years. The rate of erosion depends on the exposure or wave climate of the site, type of rock and soils, stormwater controls and a number of other features.


Historically solutions have often been provided without understanding the relevant coastal process. The results have been one dimensional and often unsuccessful.


Davis Coastal has a range of solutions and advice that can resolve your coastal erosion issues. For most clients the key outcome is to stop erosion. Many are pleasantly surprised at the other improvements we can provide.


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