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As coastal consultants we specialise in management of coastal areas. Coastal areas are dynamic areas of natural change and of increasing human use. Because of this we need to manage both the natural change and the human use. Typically there are five generic strategies for coastal management.

  • Do nothing and let nature take course, which could lead to no human use

  • Retreat or realignment which adopts solutions that recognise natural change

  • Hold the line where defence such as seawalls are created

  • Move seaward, creating dunes as defence

  • Or accommodation, such as dune planting to cope with the natural change

Not all sites require the same strategy; it depends on a range or factors, as Coastal Consultants we provide the design services to manage site-specifically.

Davis Coastal Consultants have experience and initiative in the all five management strategies, typically:

Seawalls (Rock Rip-Rap, Rock Masonry, Vertical Wall, Stabilised Sediment, Gabion Baskets, Timber Retaining walls) Breakwaters; Groynes; Sand Nourishment; Managed Retreat; Dune Stabilisation; Dredging; Stormwater Management.

We also provide monitoring services to monitor what the site is doing over a time-frame.

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